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Comedy Quest Full Release


title screen


Comedy Quest is a point and click adventure game set in the exciting world of stand-up comedy. Can you become the greatest comedian of all time in just 3 gigs? or will you become just another hack?

Art and music style call backs to the golden days of adventure games. 
Full Speech for the game by actual Comedian type people. 
Dad Jokes. 
Varied game play. 
Urinal cakes. 
Original sound track by Tim Whitt. 
Easter Eggs. 
More dad jokes. 
Realistic flyering simulation.

Like the game Like the facebook page.

You Can download the .rar file here.

You may need to Winrar to unpack it.

This is only for PC for the time being. The chances of it being ported would depend on the donations to the game.

any questions of game bugs contact me:


If you like the game and can spare a donation that would be most kind.

All donations will pay the people who helped make this game extra cool and food for my cat.

Also better games released in the future.

Comedy Quest Update 2

The game is growing and becoming slightly more complicated by the day. You can now

* Use your notebook to gain killer material or risk using standard material that has random success rate.

that didn't go well

* Cut scenes have now been added to give a feeling of progress.meanstreets

* How well you do on stage now determine the way characters will treat you later on in the game.backstage

* You can now use your home computer for social networking and getting money from your parents.appartment

hopefully I will have a fully playable version for the new year.


Comedy Quest

Comedy Quest a retro adventure game I have started working on using Adventure Game Studio. Based on the style of early 90′s point and click adventure game.

Ever since I fist played the amazing space quest saga, I have always wanted to make my own adventure game and now it appears I can finally make my own epic saga.

Comedy Quest revolves around an unnamed open mic comic trying to make his way in the magical world of stand up comedy.

I hope to have a playable version available early in 2014.

title screen comedy3


Ep 06 of Cock and Bull Podcast: Strange Encounters



The latest episode of the Cock and Bull Podcast is now online and free to download.

Tales of strange encounters, random meetings and people finding themselves dealing with very unexpected circumstances. Featuring stories from Travis Nash, Arielle Conversi and Jon Bennett. Hosted by Cathy Culliver.

Part One:  Jon Bennett with a story about an unexpected traveling companion.

Part Two:  Travis Nash’s terrifying night in Tasmania that will guarantee you’ll never look at a bread bag in the same way again.

Part Three:  Arielle Conversi tells us about the time a man in a country pub made a baffling assumption about her.


Huge Line up this week at Commedia Dell Parte’s Agent 284


Huge Line up this Thursday at Commedia Dell Parte’s new room Agent 284. With MC Karl Woodberry and one of Australia’s best David Quirk. You would not want to miss this it’s going to a amazing night of comedy.

Catch Trav Nash on NALOPKT tonight!


Tune in to  C31′s hilarious panel quiz show  Not A Lot Of People Know That! With host Victoria Healy and Team Captains Neil Sinclair and Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall.

Episode 3 has guests Natalie Harris, Adam Knox, Lisa Dib and Trav Nash.

To find out more check out

NALOPKT on Facebook



Trav Nash The Ageing Young Rebel

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Newest addition to is the Shop!

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Check out my Brand new album MIND BOAT now!Trav Nash Mine Boat

The Cock and Bull

Last year I told a unique sad and weepy story at the Horse Bazaar. Now you can listen live when ever you want with the magic of the internet.

Check out The Cock and Bull website for all past stories from some truly interesting people or why not come down live to Horse Bazaar or Willow tales on every week.

New Keith Robot Fighter the Web Comic

A Reboot of my 2011 webcomic Keith Robot Fighter is now online to read with pages added as soon as I finish them. Have a read and join the fan page!

Ep 051 I Love Green Guide Letters with Steele Saunders

Ep 051 : Justin Hamilton & Travis Nash love the 06/12/12 Letters

We love Green Guide Letters about Homeland’s easy win, Scott & Bailey’s positive flaws, Kitchen Cabinet’s priceless spoon, Tom Waterhouse’s well publicised annoyance, Living Room fears, Kangaroo drive bys, Heartbeat lament and how’s this weather… calender.

Plus Rocky IV spoiler alert, an Adelaide update and a ute with balls!


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Persuasion Podcast

The live comedy experiment where comedians are assigned a strange topic then have 6 minutes to to be voted the most “Persuasive.”
Episode 3 has these comedians arguing these topics:

“Toilet cleaners should be paid the most of any job.”

“Wings is a better band than The Beatles.”

“The world was better off without Facebook.”

Get in touch with all your Fan/Hate mail:

Online now @ itunes

or not itunes

A Show for Gavin

It is important that you go to this…it’s for a good man and All proceeds will be donated to Road Trauma Support Services Victoria (RTSSV).

A Show For Gavin is a comedy extravaganza held in memory of Gavin Keep, a much loved friend of the Melbourne comedy scene.

Dave Thornton (Channel Ten’s ‘The Project’) hosts a stella line up:

* Celia Pacquola (‘The Unbelievable Truth’, ‘Laid’)

* Geraldine Quinn (Golden Gibbo & Green Room award winner)

* Steele Saunders (‘I Love Green Guide Letters’ podcast)

* Neil Sinclair (2008 RAW Comedy Winner)

* Watson (festival favourite comedy duo)

* Jason English-Rees (From ‘Anyone for Tennis)

* Trav Nash (‘Death Star Comedy’ co-runner)

* Lily Slade (Popular character comedy)


Potato Revolution and Art for sale on Redbubble

For anyone with the need to read my thoughts. You can download and hear them on this weeks Potato Revolution Podcast with Mog and Andy. Where we expose the truth of the struggling artist it’s free to listen while you shuffle along your mortal coil. You can get this episode I speak on here!

Potato Revolution S02E09

Mog and I looking sketchy!

Also this week I have shirt prints and stickers for sale on Redbubble…all money will go towards more coffee and food and bills


thanks for your time

-Trav Nash



Adelaide Comedy Podcast

Had a great week back in Adelaide last week and was lucky enough to speak a little knowledge on the Adelaide Comedy Podcast with David Campbell, David Quirk! have a click and listen in!


Adelaide Comedy Podcast Episode 15 David Campbell, David Quirk and Trav Nash