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Comedian/Ranter/Cartoonist/Noise Maker/Artist/Nice Guy

Originally born in Adelaide in the great year of 1980. Trav Nash had slaughtered the moose pig to acquire the sacred sword of Mirth and Confusion. Since entering RAW comedy in 2001, Trav has performed for several years around Adelaide’s comedy clubs and his spiritual home, the famous Rhino Room. In lieu of moving to Melbourne, Trav held a funeral for himself at Rhino Room, which sold out and has been a much praised event. Since moving to Melbourne, Australia, Trav continues to tell embarrassing stories, while sharing his unique perspective on life, love and death. Trav Nash strives to prod the human condition with his original flavor of comedy, which is passionate, energetic and honest.

Currently Trav co-manages the Wednesday night comedy room, The Death Star Canteen in Collingwood with Dean Eizenberg. Trav’s 2011 Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) show, “Good Grief” earned him stellar reviews from comics and reviewers alike, not to mention **** in The HERALD SUN , which inspired him to return home to Adelaide to record an album version of “Good Grief” (Available in iTunes).

People have tried to sum up his strange public behavior. Here are some examples…

HERALD SUN **** 2011
Nash pulled off a great show…it reached masterful heights…It’s not hard to imagine him filling a room much, much bigger!

He is a dynamic performer…he has created a show full of great ideas and engaging stories…It’s highly animated and amusing to watch.

Perhaps Nash’s greatest achievement is building a performance that manages the tough feat of being earnest and personal while coming on like a sock full of pennies to the nads…Quirky, original and very funny, Good Grief is a hoot!

dBmagazine 2006
The world of Trav Nash is a surreal, very scary blend of childhood fantasies and nasty adult proclivities that have their genesis in Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory and the Golden Arches of McDonalds.

Nash’s candy coated tales with horror filled centres come across as a kind of proto punk-emo like revenge fantasy enthusiastically told with a glass of white in hand. You want to run. You wonder what drugs he’s on – not that you’d try ‘em but you sure can’t pull yourself away from taking it all in.

He’s a subterranean artist in control of his material.

Trav Nash has been involved in many strange and wonderful things here is a brief list of shows

2004 Mixed Grill – Trav Nash with Average (The Band) Adelaide Fringe
2005 Trav Nash vs One Angry Pink Bunny – A Rhino Room feature.
2006 The Best Of Adelaide – Adelaide Fringe Local Comedy Showcase
2007 Lost The Plot -Adelaide Fringe Solo Show
2007 The Best Of Adelaide – Adelaide Fringe Local Comedy Showcase
2007 Supported USA comedian Neil Hamburger
2008 Scatterbrain – Adelaide Fringe Solo Show
2008 The Funeral of Trav Nash- A Rhino Room feature.
2009 Supported USA comedian JPinc at the TOFF in Melbourne
2010 Robot Monkey Robot – Dean Eizenberg and Trav Nash – Adelaide Fringe
2011 Good Grief – Melbourne International Comedy Festival

2012 Mind Boat- Melbourne International Comedy Festival