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Return of the Friday Nashups

nashupsBeen a while but here’s a new mixed tape of music.

This week it’s disco funk with theme of  Music to listen to while roller skating on the rings of Jupiter.

Side A

1 Digital Love -Daft Punk

2 Keep on Lovin’ Me -The Whispers

3 Bounce Rock Skate Roll Part 1 and 2 -Vaughan Mason Crew

4 Double Dutch Bus -Frankie Smith

5 I Wanna be your Lover -Prince

6 Skeletons -Stevie Wonder

7 Watching You -Slave

8 Freaky People -Crowd Pleasers

9 Dance Floor -Zapp and Roger

10 Heartbeat -Taanar Garnder

Side B

1 Whip It- Dazz Band

2 Lookout Weekend -Debbie Band

3 Roller Skating Jam Called Saturday -De La Soul

4 Little L -Jamiroquai

5 Rap-O-Clap -Joe Bataan

6 I’m Ready -Kano

7 Rock with you -Michael Jackson

8 I Wish -Stevie Wonder

9 C.P. Funk -Crowd Pleasers

10 Why do you Treat me so Bad? -Prince